USTA – Montana Social Tennis is a program geared toward adult social play for USTA members and NON-USTA members ages 18 and over. The format is social, fun, and and includes men and women’s doubles and mixed doubles.

Social Tennis is for players who just want to play or practice without the structure of organized league play. Balls, beverages and snacks  are provided and USTA – MT  staff  will be on-site to organize play.

For more information call Andrea Johnson at (406) 579-9609 or email at

World Team Social Tennis

 Coming again soon. Team Format and Played World Team Tennis Style. You can register as an individual or form your own team.  Matches are played at the Peak Racquet Club, Missoula. Cost: $8/session. See Rules/format


Missoula Social Tennis – UM Courts

Missoula Social Tennis consists of 2, 6-week sessions. You can register for 1 session or both. The format is social, fun, and and includes men and women’s doubles and mixed doubles. Register as an individual, and we’ll group you with players of similar ability (self-rate for free when you register, see instructions below). Balls, beverages and snacks  are provided and USTA – MT  staff  will be on-site to organize play.

Max of 32 players per session.  Matches are played at the University of Montana courts in Missoula. Cost: $36/session. If you can’t make all the sessions we’ll prorate for you. Contact us.

1st Session – Thursdays, May 25-June 29 – 5:45-7:15pm @ UM Courts
Team/Session ID: 2576252277

2nd Session -Thursdays, August 10-August 31 – 5:45-7:15pm @ UM Courts ($24)
Team/Session ID:2576253197

Billings Summer League

USTA-MT and Billings Tennis Association have teamed together to further develop social and competitive league play in Billings for players of all skill levels who are ready to engage in structured match play. This social league will play twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from April 11 through August 31, and include instruction and team play under the leadership of former MSU-B #1 player Navin Marimuthu.  The league will be an avenue for all players to discover new friends and playing partners, and to gain confidence in their match play skills.

Navin will work with those players interested in pursing a more competitive track, helping to coach existing teams with captains and to form new teams to participate in USTA League, the country’s largest recreational tennis league, which has more than 330,000 players nationwide competing in match play, meeting new people and enjoying the camaraderie of teammates in one of four national divisions (Adult, Senior, Super Senior and Mixed Doubles).  Play is based on the NTRP rating system so you will play with and against players of similar ability so even if you are new to the game or a former player, there’s a spot for you providing you are age 18 or older. USTA League also offers you and your teammates a chance to advance from local play to USTA League National Championship events.

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30-7pm at Pioneer Park. MSU-Billings will be used if necessary.

Questions or assistance, contact Navin at  navin.marimuthu@gmail.com406-670-9520

or contact the Billings Tennis Association at 406-594-3051.

For up-to-minute changes (for example weather cancellations, etc.), be sure to like or bookmark the Billings Tennis Association Facebook page at

Cost: $20/session. Must enter coupon code: BTA (at checkout). 

Session 1: April 11th- May 18
Team/Session ID: 2576253210

Session 2: May 23- June 23
Team/Session ID: 2576253213

Session 3: July 11-August 31
Team/Session ID: 2576253214


Steps to Register for a Team/Session: 

  1.  Go to  TennisLink .
  2. Make sure you have your USTA number handy.  USTA membership is not required.  However, in order to register as a non-member, you need to create a non-member account.  After you create a non-member account, you will also need to self-rate.  You will be directed to self-rate once you attempt to register for the group you’re looking to play in.  Follow the prompts to complete the process.  The above team numbers will be needed to register for a team/session.   Having troubles?  Contact Andrea Johnson, District League Coordinator, for more information.