Spring Mixed League

The 2014 Spring Mixed League was held in Bozeman last weekend.  The weekend included some great tennis and some great weather(most of the time)!  In the Combined 7.0 Flight, the Travel for Tennis team went undefeated and won.  Team members include Sheila Clyatt, Eric Carrizales, Gordon Terpe, Josh Munro, Jane Makepeace, Diane Larsen, Andrea Johnson, and Jeffrey Brown.  The 8.0 Combined League was also won by an undefeated team.  Team Vraalag won the 8.0 with team members Jimmy Vroman, Stephen Gruener, Brad Knutson, Mary Ritchie, Terry Perkins, Sarah Bach, Ned Tranel, Peter Teal, Becky King and Kelly Smith.  To complete the sweeps, the 9.0 Combined was won by another undefeated team!  Team Billings Smash won with Brad Knutson, Sherrie Fuller-Benge, Nelson Miller, Brett Becker, Becky King, Mary Ritchie and Brooke Kuhl.  Congratulations to all the winner and good luck in Boise!

2014 Spring Mixed 9.0