USTA-MT Annual Meeting

USTA-MT Annual Meeting

The USTA-MT Annual Meeting was held last week in Missoula and the USTA-MT Board and staff were all present to discuss the state of tennis in Montana and how we can continue to grow the game that we love.  Everything from scheduling to league to juniors to tournaments and more were examined at length.  In the end, the meeting proved to be productive and is hopefully the start of a great 2014.  The tournament and League schedule was approved and can be viewed by clicking here!  If you want to simply see the League schedule click here! The Board of Directors also created a slate that was sent to the Organizational and Community Members in Montana and approved.  The Board of Directors for USTA-MT in 2014 will consist of:

Scott Potter-President
David Herrera-Vice President
Beth Brennan-Secretary
Douglas Morton-Treasurer
Kyle Wilson
Lew Kosich
Mike Ellis
Colleen Green
Joanne Knapp

It was a great meeting and we will see you all on the court in 2014!

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